Clink your glasses at the festive dinner

And what are the drinks that will impress your guests

Every end or start of a year, you’ll have plenty of parties to enjoy. The season, usually, starts with Christmas and ends somewhere in January with those who’re celebrating their name days. Ultimately, we have more festive meals than usual, thus more opportunities to enjoy together with our loved ones rich, copious dinner tables, which, of course, will come with exceptional drinks.

And when I say exceptional drinks I’m thinking of something you probably don’t drink every day. Sure, champagne can’t miss during the holiday days. So, pick a refined champagne, like La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot: a complex and fine bouquet, with peach, apricot sweetness, honey and subtle notes of grapefruit. Just perfect for the beginning of a memorable evening.

When it comes to aperitifs, well, you have more options. A damn fine cognac is one of them – pick one from Martell or Remy Martin. And remember: connoisseurs drink it simple, without warming it, so they can truly enjoy its flavors.

If you want something different and less classic, you can serve Berry Bitter from Beluga. Divinely scented and special, it can be the unexpected surprise of the evening. A less common version is Alexander Grappa: it’s obtained from grapes cultivated in the Pinot and Glera vineyards in the Veneto Italy region.

Ah, and let’s not forget the Martini based cocktails. Not quite out of the ordinary, yet, they’ll definitely open up everybody’s appetite. Not just for a lavish meal, but also for dancing and, ultimately, having a good time!

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