8 hours of sleep? Cheat a little: you can look as rested and fresh

... even if you’ve gone to bed at dawn

I know: it’s summer, the days are literally torid, yet the well awaited evenings bring a cool breeze, just perfect to spend them ouside with your friends. A dream! So, how on earth to leave your friends there and to go home, for your beauty sleep? But, truth be told, sleep has it’s own very important purpose. It charges your batteries for a new day, it regenerates cells, while the mind is resting. And all of this is reflected on your face. When you’re not sleeping enough, you’ll have small eyes, dark circles, and a dehydrated skin. Sounds familiar? To me, it does. And, since I’m not an early riser, when I don’t sleep enough my mood also gets affected – let’s say I’m not very cheerful. So I’ve kept looking for solutions and asked every make-up artist I met about his trick for a look that would conceal the fatigue. This, in addition to a large coffee and a fresh fruit juice. 


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For your eyes

The lack of sleep can be seen particularly in your eyes. And the most useful trick to make your eyes look bigger is to use an eyelash curler and a lengthening mascara. Still not enough? Try also a white khol pencil, applied on the lower eyelid. No, I didn’t forget about the dark circles. If I usually prefer a matte product, after sleeping too less, I choose a creamy concealer and highlighter. It really helps!


For your cheeks

No, it’s not the time for a powder blush. So let’s thank those who have invented the creamy products. After a night out, your complexion will be dehydrated, and any product in powder form will stress even more the fatigue. So choose a liquid or creamy blush in a cheerful tone. Pink. Orange. Coral.

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For your lips

Your lips too need some moisturising, so – at least for a morning – forget about the matte formulas. Wear a shiny gloss or the the most hydrating lipstick from your make-up kit.

And, the next evening, just try to go to bed earlier :).

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