In chains

What do this season’s accessories have in common? The oversized link chains

accesorii cu lanturi

What are you thinking when saying chains? Let me guess: I bet it’s those oversized link necklaces. Me too! Just that this season the accessory trends go further and propose chains even on bags, belts, bracelets, shoes or sandals. Well, I hope I’ve at least got your attention and that you will find inspiration from the designers. A simple look on the catwalk it’s just enough for some cool ideas for your own outfit.



The bags

Let’s face it: chain bags are not only stylish, but also very practical. Great for day, but life saviors for the evening – you must know that moment when you’re holding in one hand a glass of champagne, a clutch in the other and, suddenly, you are introduced to somebody. Well, problem solved: you’re stylish and hands free. 
Catwalk inspiration: Burberry Prorsum.


The necklaces

The bigger the links, the better. If you choose such a model, just give up any other accessories – it would be too much and even if you like an opulent look, any other piece of jewelry would pale by comparison. 
Catwalk inspiration: Chanel. 




The bracelets

The bracelets. No matter if they are golden, silver or rose gold, the chain bracelets have an undeniable advantage: they are versatile. And yes, they are very chic, but less opulent than the necklaces. So you can wear them just as well with an office or casual look. 
Catwalk inspiration: Paul Smith. 


The earrings 

For me, the new chain earrings were an unexpected

news. Somehow I had in my mind only those very fine delicate and carefully crafted chain earrings, as thin as a thread. And when I discovered the ones with oversized links, I thought they would look really cool with a rock-punk outfit or, why not, with a minimalist and – apparently – innocent attire. 
Catwalk inspiration: Alexander Wang. 




The shoes

Over time, I saw shoes accessorized with chains in various ways – most often, on ankle and biker boots. But now, in the warm season, there are so many choices: sandals, ballerinas, loafers with link details. It’s almost impossible not to find a pair to your liking. 
Catwalk inspiration: Louis Vuitton. 

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