The most dazzling outfits from Cannes

… the ones that really made an impression on the red carpet

During the Cannes Film Festival, I kept a close eye on the stars’ outfits – and, well, let’s face it, Cannes is not just about movies. It would be an understatement. It’s also about late in the night, well-known parties, photo shoots and, of course, the most-anticipated colossal fashion show, taking place right there on the red carpet.

Celebs prepare with some months in advance for the special event and are dressed by the most renowned fashion houses, wearing haute couture outfits – sometimes unique pieces specially tailored for them by their favourite designers – and, of course, all that fabulous jewelry.

As always, this year was a feast for the eye: I’ve seen again the most amazing evening gowns, picture perfect black tie outfits, but also celebs who dared to try something different – and, well, that caught my attention: Charlize Theron wore this superb masculine suit, Blake Lively chose a daring red overall, Kristen Stewart made her appearance in a white, short dress, with oversized sleeves. Not to mention Andi Eigenmann who went for trousers and a sensational top, with a lingering trail.

Though it’s simply impossible to make a top or to say which look was the most mind blowing, I still couldn’t help and made a selection of the most unforgettable outfits, worthy to check out and even get some inspiration from.

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