Feeling blue

The new make-up trends come with bold, electrifying touches of blue eye shadows

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The more enthusiastic I get when I see the little blue eye shadow box, the harder it’s for me to use it. I can only imagine how, one morning, nine o’clock, I would show up in a meeting wearing an electric blue make-up. Might be appropriate? Maybe, if I were to make an announcement as daring as the make-up. Truth be told, I was never up to such an extravagant gesture. But, leaving the meetings aside, I started to experiment: how to wear a blue eye shadow for day? What about the evening? And how to do it in line with the trends?

Trends: here is the magic word, the one that drew me into the blue make-up. Last fall, when the latest fashion and beauty trends were presented, I paid a lot of attention to everything that happened on the catwalk. And that’s how I was struck: the blue make-up is truly one of the most powerful spring beauty trends.


 The house of Missoni used a very bright turquoise, unexpectedly applied on the entire upper eyelid, just like in a modern painting. Very cool. Really worth trying at any party. 


 Chanel went with light blue shades, but with an extravagant technique: the eye shadow completely covered the eyes and the eyebrows. This is a custom catwalk make-up, made especially for the show, created to make a bold statement. No, I’m not going to replicate this one, as I’m looking for wearable options. Still, Chanel gave me a great tip to remember: light blue eye shadows look amazing combined with silver tones, which can temper any shade of blue. 


 Jonathan Saunders stood out with a fresh look and easy to reproduce, that I’ve actually worn: a blue contour both on the upper and lower eyelids. 


 Marc Jacobs’s make-up is one of my all time favourites: the blue eye shadow was used only in the inner corner of the upper eyelid and was brilliantly balanced with a discreet beige-brown skin-like tone. 


 Last, but not least, I came across a very cool suggestion from 3.1 Phillip Lim: a thin touch of turquoise. The kohl was used on the half of the superior eyelid, and just a little bit on the lower eyelid, close to inner corner of the eye. Looks so good – good enough to give it a try. 

 Well, after all my research, I’m now confident to wear blue eye shadows and using kohl pencils in the same tones. During the day, just a contour or a tad of eye shadow applied in the inner corner of the eye. For evening, sky is the limit: turquoise or electric blue on the whole upper eyelid. The secret is to keep the rest of the make-up in neutral tones: just a bit of lip balm, foundation, black mascara and… the party is on. 


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