Black. Always

Because the black eyeliner, kohl and eye shadow will always be hip

I wonder when did I first use a black kohl? Hmm, I think I was in high school. And, looking back, I realize that there has been no moment – since I started to use make-up till now – in which I didn’t have a khol or black eyeliner in my kit.
In beauty, black follows the same principle as in fashion: it’s always in trend, just like the little black dress. OK, trends are changing: from a perfect smoky eye several years ago we’ve moved to a less refined, polished make-up. From the thin stripe of eyeliner, which my mother had always effortlessly achieved, we’ve switched to graphic designs or to eyelids outlined with black eye shadow.
But, fortunately, the beauty products have evolved, too. We no longer have just a classic kohl and an eyeliner with a thin brush (which, as far as I remember, it was more of a trouble than help). The new generation of products has brought us the water resistant black crayon and eyeliner, which don’t smudge and firmly remain in their place. The eyeliner can resemble a marker – that provides a lot of accuracy – or can have a patented brush, easy to use. Last but not least, the eye shadows have now long lasting formulas, so your make-up looks good until the end of the party.
And if you need a little inspiration for your make-up, I chose a few images from the spring-summer 2017 fashion shows. It’s just one more proof that the black is never missing from the catwalk. 

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