Duty Free Shopping Guide

Tips & tricks for a successful shopping session

Yep, the rumors are true: the airport duty free shop is online since 2016. Excellent news for those who travel by plane and have a little guilty pleasure for holiday shopping. Now you can buy online, before you fly, on www.bestvalue.eu. But there are some things you should know before, if you didn’t find them out already.

BestValue online shop is totally different from any other online shop you’ve seen before, if you consider its location, services, portfolio or price range. Therefore, it works different than the regular stores: it is destined only to the people who travel by plane, meaning that in order to shop online you must validate a plane ticket. OK, but you probably have some other questions we need to answer before getting to this. Let’s see…

1. What is BestValue?

BestValue is the only travel retailer with stores in all the main Romanian airports. Yes, the same store you always buy your perfumes, make-up or spirits when you arrive at the airport, before boarding or after landing.

2. What kind of products can I buy?

Fragrances. Make-up products. Skincare – from head to toes. Accessories: from bracelets, earrings and necklaces to watches, cufflinks or travel accessories. Bags for him and for her + luggage (FlyJacks are very much appreciated by our travelers). Spirits for all tastes, sweets for all the cravings, toys for all the little ones.

3. How do I order?

In order to shop online, you must have a plane ticket and validate it online, before placing the order. It’s like an online security check. After all, you’re buying from the airport, right? And, unlike the airport, where you have to wait at endless checkpoints, on www.bestvalue.eu all you have to do is prove that you are going to travel by plane in the near future.

4. Why should I order online?

a. Because in the airport you almost never have the time to test all the products you dreamed of, due to huge lines at the security check or passport control points. On the other hand, online you can order right from the moment you bought your plane ticket. Yep, from the very same moment you received the flight confirmation in your inbox until the day of your flight.

b. Because every time you travel by plane, all your friends want something from the airport: a fragrance, an exclusive travel make-up set or a limited edition bottle of whisky. And you can never make them all happy, because… well, you’d have to leave the airport with a truck. Online you don’t have to worry about all this anymore. Order everything your friends want and we’ll figure out how to deliver it to you all at once.

c. Because nobody hurries you anymore. Because you can surf the pages, analyze, read, and chat with your friends about all of it. Because you can do it from home, from the office or even from the park. On your laptop, tablet or phone. Because the duty free has never been so close to you or the ones you love.

5. How do I validate my plane ticket?

Before placing the order, you will have to fill in a validation form. Nothing complicated: flight number, date and reservation number. If you‘re stuck somewhere during the process, you can always write on the chat or ask for personal assistance.

6. What does “skip validation” mean?

In case you have any kind of trouble validating your ticket, you can always choose to order without validating, especially if you don’t want to lose the products in your shopping cart. What happens next? You’ll be contacted by a Customer Support representative who will complete the validation process and will approve your order.

7. What happens with my plane ticket information?

All the data provided is used only to confirm that you are a passenger. Under no circumstances is it stored, used or published. The ticket validation is a 100% secure process, meant to facilitate your online shopping before going to the airport.

8. When do I get my order?

Your products are carefully wrapped in the little black boxes right after placing the order so that your order can reach its destination in no more than 3 working days. We deliver anywhere in Romania and, moreover, the shipping is free of charge, for any order over 100 Lei and at EasyBOX, no matter of value, anywhere in Romania – a little treat that BestValue saves for all its travelers.

9. Can I shop online while on holiday? Or after I come back?

Of course you can. You can order anytime, for as long as your plane ticket is still valid, which means from the moment you bought it until the flight day, at 11.59 pm. If you have a round trip ticket, you can validate the return date from the start, so you don’t have go through the process twice. And yes, you can shop while on holiday and surprise all those who are not there with you.

10. Can I ask you something else?

Anytime, we’re here. On www.bestvalue.eu you can find a chat, where you can ask us anything you want. The same goes for our official facebook page or on our e-mail address: [email protected]. You can ask or share with us other things related to your shopping experience, you can ask for beauty advice or gift ideas. You can ask us what whisky you should buy to your father-in-law or what new fragrance would be the perfect fit for your better half. Or something else. Anything at all – like what have we been up to lately, or what did we have for lunch.

Looking forward to it!

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