Best SPF products

And why you should use them even when you go out in the city

Years ago, when people talked less about the importance of protecting yourself in the sun – and I was certain that nothing bad could happen to me – I used to go sunbathing with no SPF protection. And I was innocent enough to be proud of it too – I would get quickly a nice tan. Because I’m a brunette, my skin would never turn red. That doesn’t mean the sun did not affect it, but, again, I was too young to think about it too much. Then, one summer, something happened: I lay in the sun, as usual. Then I went to a bar to drink a cold orange juice. Towards evening I got back at the hotel, took a shower, and put on a T-shirt. Ouch. Incredible: my shoulders were red and my skin was burning. It actually happened to me – me, who never had such problems before.

That was the moment when I actually felt, literally, something that everybody was talking about: that the sun is harmful; that the ozone layer is getting thinner each day; that, if, a while ago I was using a certain SPF product, now I need a higher SPF. If you haven’t recently used a quality-tanning product with high SPF, you might be skeptical. You may think it’s very sticky; that the skin doesn’t easily absorbs it and, if you apply it on your face you will shine exactly that way that you don’t like.

But the beauty industry adjusted to our new needs. Now you can choose SPF products especially for your face, ones that are leaving a mat finish. These are also water proof and resistant to sweat. They leave your skin comfortable, so you will be happy to use them even when you go out in the city. Moreover, most of them also hydrate your skin, have an anti-wrinkle effect and prolong the tan. Try them and choose the one that best suits your needs – I assure you that you will never go sunbathing without using a SPF product again.

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