#BeautyTips: Your beauty routine when you have a long flight

The products that help you have a fresh complexion when you reach your destination

An eight-hour flight, possibly preceded by a shorter one and a stopover are not the most fun things in the world. It can even be extremely boring and the only thing that helps you stay patient and endure the journey is, most likely, the thought that you’re going to end up in a wonderful place.

Only that after all those hours of sitting in the plane, your skin suffers. More specifically, it gets dehydrated – a very well known fact. Still, you have a few choices to avoid that. You also have plenty of time at the disposal to organize it all. The last time I flew over the ocean, I prepared my supply before boarding. I also took advantage of the duty free tantalizing offers, and, how else, the chance to try new products. I thought that, besides reading, watching movies or listening to music, applying a mask might be even quite exciting.

The mask’s idea didn’t come to me just out of the blue. I read about it, it’s one of the great beauty advices for a long flight. “I’ll try it myself,” I said. It was already evening; the gentleman next to me was sleeping like a log… I knew that the first thing I had to do is clean up my face. No, I didn’t have makeup removers or special lotions in the plane. I got my cleansing wipes from the airport, the best solution when you’re not home, in your own bathroom. Okay, my face is clean now. I then explore my bag bag and find that sheet mask that I wanted to try. I chose this kind of mask because it’s the easiest to apply; I couldn’t imagine myself, on the plane, using a creamy formula, massaging it to get into the skin and then making efforts to remove it with water and soap – that after queuing at the bathroom door!

Ah, plus that the gentleman next to me (who still was sleeping like a log) could have had a shock if he suddenly woke up and saw me with a green mask on my face! So I unwrapped the envelope, used a little mirror I had in my bag, I put the mask on my face and I turned off the light quickly! All this procedure hasn’t been able to save me from of a few curious eyes, but I didn’t care.

I had been, however, careful to choose the right moment to apply the mask on: not when the meal is served, when I should have to eat and have a conversation with the stewardess. And everything went well.

After a few hours of flight, I’d finally become sleepy, so I decided it’s a good time to continue with my “in-flight beauty routine”. This time I had in mind an eyes’ treatment from Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair. There are two small patches, especially cut so to apply under the eyes. It wasn’t the first time I was using them, so I knew the effect: the eyes’ area will look rested; it will be hydrated and fresh. And I wasn’t even a very strange appearance for the other passengers. So… said and done.

My flight beauty arsenal contains a few more products. Undoubtedly, the first place is reserved to the lip balm. I can’t go anywhere without it, but on the plane I really need it, as my lips get dry, and the sensation is even more powerful than usual. My last purchase is the balm from Victoria’s Secret, which hydrates perfect! For hands, I always use a very hydrated cream, with shea butter, especially after washing my hands with the soap that I find in the plane. The advantage is that the cream immediately enters the skin, so there’s no discomfort.

Just little before landing – when I already felt that I couldn’t sit on the chair anymore, and my impatience was going sky high –, I’d found yet something else to do. I took a drop of BB cream from Shiseido and I applied on my face. It seems to me that it is the ideal solution: it evens the skin, has a natural coverage and, yes, it hydrates, too. So, at the destination, I didn’t look tired. No one would have thought that I actually spent so many hours on in a plane.

Ah, I almost forgot. There was something else that helped me very much: the three little bottles of water that I bought prior to embarking. All the products that I’ve talked about above are important, but, as you already know, drinking water is essential. Always take water with you on the plane – the one you you’ll get on the flight is never enough.

Have a nice holiday!

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