#BeautyTips: The summer make-up that… does not melt

Not even in the hottest days

I went to a party a few days ago, but while I was getting ready, I started to feel worried. It was so hot! I hoped it would cool off till the evening, but no, at eight o’clock there were still 30 degrees Celsius. Okay, so therefore what’s going to happen with my make-up in this heat? I imagined how it would all melt, starting with the mascara. And yes, I really wanted to wear make-up – when, if not at parties?!

So, what was I to do? To carefully choose every product, to look for the highest quality ones, yet with a transfer-resistant formula, and, last but not least, to resist the temptation of applying too much. Below are some tips I took into consideration, and which, in my case, worked marvels.

  1. Exfoliate. A delicate face scrub is anyway recommended in your weekly care routine. And if you’re about to go to a party, you can exfoliate on the very same day. The make-up will look and last better and longer.
  2. Hydrate! It’s an essential step, no matter if it’s summer or winter. Choose a soft hydrating cream or lotion that quickly gets absorbed into the skin.
  3. Invest in a primer. Because a quality primer blurs the fine wrinkles, hides the little imperfections and is the perfect base for the make-up.
  4. Apply less foundation! Ah, I hope you agree with me. Even though some of us use a lot of foundation (I admit, I had a period when I wanted to hide any sign – then, it seemed to me that otherwise I couldn’t get out of the house!), you need to know that applying too much of it, actually highlights the wrinkles. And if you wear a lot of foundation and sweat, you’re really not going to like it. Here’s what I’m proposing: a very light foundation, a BB cream, or your favorite foundation mixed with a little bit of hydrating cream.
  5. Or just a concealer. For once, just try to go to a party without any foundation. If you applied a primer before, a concealer should be enough. Yet, use it only to hide any potential imperfections and, then, blur it as best as possible.
  6. Give up the powder. Seriously! It’s more indicated to take a concealer and reapply it if it’s really necessary. And some napkins to tampon your face to if you sweat.
  7. Choose resistant products. You probably knew that by now, yet it really needs mentioning again: so, a creamy, yet waterproof eye shadow. The same goes for the mascara. Finally, you can pick whatever kind of lipstick your lips desire!
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