#BeautyTips: The makeup that survives the 40 degrees Celsius heat

Without spreading or getting ruined in any way

I went out one evening, end of June – a really hot weekend. It was hard to breath and I sweated instantly. I walked a short distance, just to buy some things I needed and then rushed home and turned on the air conditioning. I wanted to go to a party that evening but it was obvious it would still be very hot. I imagined the mascara spreading on my eyelashes after the first 15 minutes. OK, I said to myself: it is time to try all the tricks I know and get a makeup that will last.


The primer

I don’t know how often you use a primer. Me, pretty rarely. But, when I want to use foundation on a hot summer day, I know that’s the secret. Said and done: I applied a light hydrating cream and waited for two minutes for it to be absorbed. Then I used a primer. Its role is ensuring that the makeup lasts longer; and you always have to apply it after the face cream and before the foundation.


Foundation, powder or corrector

I use a foundation that lasts, especially if I want to hide all the imperfections. I barely use powder: I look for a translucid one and I only use it to have the makeup last longer. But, when the skin looks good and I go for a more discreet makeup, I use only a corrector and never on the entire face. I apply just a bit, where it’s necessary: the dark circles area, a bit on my cheekbones and the T zone.


The eye shadow

I rarely use eye shadow in the hot summer days. But, when I really want to use it, I choose a creamy waterproof formula. It dries fast and it’s like a tattoo: it doesn’t go out of place. An alternative for the eye makeup is to use water resistant pencils or eyeliner – you know that you can only take them off with a special eye remover.



You already know this: the best mascara for the summer is waterproof. It is, probably, the best invention. Nevertheless, I never apply it on the lashes of my lower eyelid. Let’s say it’s just a precaution measure that assures me that I will not have dark spots around the eyes.


The lipstick

It can be a balm with a light discreet color. It doesn’t necessary last a long time, but it hydrates the lips, and that’s something really needed in the summer. When I want a strong resistant color, the best choice is a lip stain that simply stays on. And if you want to use your favorite lipstick color, apply a bit of powder: it’s the best trick for a long lasting lipstick.

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