#BeautyTips: Colorful eyelashes

When and how to wear a blue, green or purple mascara

We are used to follow the same habits – most of us prefer not to step out of the comfort zone, especially when the stakes are high. For instance, I prepare my coffee right after I wake up. I, then, take 15 minutes just for myself, doing nothing at all. And only then I begin to think about what I have to do that day, I go into the shower, get dressed and put on my make-up.

My everyday make-up is simple, especially since I go to the office, so I don’t want to show up with smoky eyes at the nine o’clock meeting! I rarely change anything. I choose a nude, bronze or a brown hue, a bit of black mascara and lipstick: well, I’m much more flexible at this chapter, I don’t wear the same hue two days in a row. Yet the mascara – because that’s what I want to write about – is (or, rather was) always black.

Well, I guess a few years have passed now since I last used color on my eyelashes. And I have to admit that I wouldn’t have thought to try any colored mascara if, lately, I haven’t seen the catwalk models wearing it. And the famous make-up brands launched mascara in several nuances. So I said that it’s time to try it myself. However, before all, I asked a few make-up artists what’s the coolest way to wear colored eyelashes now. And, as usual, I’m sharing all with you.

  1. Apply colored mascara both on the upper and lower eyelashes. In this way you’ll get a strong, trendy look.
  2. When you have colored eyelashes, the rest of the make-up should be minimalist. No need for eye shadow – under any circumstances, a colored one. And instead of blush, pick an illuminator. For the lips, a clear gloss is enough. Or maybe a delicate, pink or nude lipstick.
  3. For a subtle look, use first the black mascara and then the colorful one – yet, apply the latter only on the top of the lashes.
  4. Or color your upper eyelid lashes with black, and for the lower ones choose a mascara in a different color.
  5. Purple mascara is suitable no matter the eye color.
  6. If you have blue eyes, highlight them with a green or purple mascara. And if green, go for purple or even blue.
  7. Brown mascara is especially used when you want to get a more discrete look – it’s less obvious than the black mascara.
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