Beauty in Rio de Janeiro

The beauty products that you absolutely need when you leave for Brazil

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have just started and, if you’re among the lucky ones who will be there, on the spot, watching the games, I’m pretty sure your mind struggles with some perfectly legitimate questions: what should I have in my cosmetic bag? What would I totally need to get?
Yeap, believe me – thought about it a lot. And not only did I think about it, but also have searched for all the perfect answers for a successful Brazilian holiday.


In the plane

You’ve got a long way ahead, so you will need a few small things in your hand luggage. Before take off, remember to buy a face spray. The one from Clinique is perfect for getting refreshed and may be applied even over make-up. If you have a mixed or oily complexion, you will be saved by the magic Shiseido tissues, which absorb the excess sebum. And one more tip: I never ever leave – no matter the destination – without my moisturizing lip balm and hand cream. I strongly recommend the Hugs and Kisses Kit from L’Occitane en Provence.


For your complexion

You’re in vacation in this beautiful place, but it’s very hot and the humidity is sky high. So please mark my words: don’t ever leave the hotel without protecting your skin – my first choice is the Lancaster SPF face cream. And, instead foundation, use a BB cream. My recommendation: Top Secrets from YSL. Don’t forget that the sun is your skin’s biggest enemy and the one responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, use every morning an anti-wrinkle eye cream– the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive. The perfect choice? The Re-Nutriv cream from Estee Lauder.


For eyes and lips

Those days when you just go for a walk or when watch the games, it’s highly recommended to wear less make-up. My secret? Mascara Couture Noir Volume Waterproof from Givenchy and the deliciously moisturizing Juicy Tubes lip-gloss from Lancome will do the trick. And if you want something more, just give free rein to you imagination: when it comes to fashion and beauty, Brazil is, by excellence, the country of excesses. For the brazilian women, strong colors and extravagant make-up are not too much even at breakfast.


For your hair

The combination of heat and humidity creates a bunch of problems, no matter what type of hair you have. But luckily, there are care and styling products that can save the day. The first on the list is the Tony & Guy spray, which not only protects your hair from the heat of the sun but also the one from of the styling appliances. Then, you will need the travel kit from the Moroccanoil, that I’m convinced you’ll fall in love with, especially with the oil moisturizer for the hair ends. And, if you like the way your hair looks after a swim in the ocean, use the salty spray from Tony & Guy. And, even more, it’s also perfect after your holiday ends.

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