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Black on your eyelids, of course

Whether we are talking about subtle nuances or strong accents, black will always be a must in our make-up kit. Sure, trends change: one season, black means rock accents; in another, the eyeliner geometric shapes; or, why not, an abundance of khol, as if stretched by mistake. Now, however, we have more and more products to our disposal to easily create our desired look.

Do you remember the years when the black eyeliner existed only in a little bottle? When the brush was really thin and soft, and you had to practice long enough just to manage to draw a fine line at the base of your eyelashes? And, more, do you recall the khol that stretched out immediately, so that, to get a contour, you were supposed to press?

Well, now all these problems are gone. The eyeliner comes now also in the shape of a marker. Crayons have a soft texture, so you don’t have to push anymore, and they have transfer resistant formulas. You have at hand performing pencils, which simply provide fewer chances to fail. You just have to think what kind of makeup you want.



Play with the eyeliner. The line doesn’t necessarily have to be smooth. It can be thicker, for a bold look. Or go ever further, and draw a line that goes up to the temples: a graphic, brave, and very modern make-up.



With your favorite khol, draw a black spot in the middle of the lower eyelid. Then apply the mascara on your eyelashes, and you’re done! You have a brand new and easy to get look.


All black

The black eye shadow looks sensational even if it’s not mingled with other nuances. Use a primer, then apply it on the entire superior eyelid. On the inferior one, you need a fine, possibly still black contour. Next step? Just wear gloss or a clear lip balm and you’re ready to party!



Yeap, it’s classic, you’ve probably worn a black eyelid contour ever since you’ve started wearing make-up. But what if you would use it just on the lower eyelid? For the upper one, pick a shiny eye shadow. There’s a twist you’re gonna adore!

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