Whisky around the world

A story exclusively dedicated to enthusiasts and connoisseurs

It is said that to truly take advantage of visiting a foreign country, you have to make inroads in the area’s tradition of the area. You have to try the traditional cuisine, do your research about history and culture. However, for the fans of fine tastes, we have prepared a world map drawn taking into consideration the countries that produce whisky, no matter if they are novices or have a long tradition in this type of art. Let’s visit then almost every continent.


We’ll start our sketch in Europe, the birthplace of this perfectly masculine drink. When visiting the UK, it’s a must to enjoy a Scottish Delamore, an exceptional single malt, originally from the Highland region. This is matured in traditional sherry casks before it develops its noble, fresh and fruity flavour with woody accents.


Also, you can not miss the famous Chivas. Named after the 21 hails fired in the honour of Queen Elizabeth II, in her coronation day, Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 Year Old is a superb and fine blend, presented in a classic ceramic Wade decanter. Its intense golden colour betrays its round character and richness of flavours. Among the mild notes of fruit, a delicate floral taste occurs, with a creamy honey sweetness, making it ideal for those who prefer a blended whisky.


At a stone’s throw, in the Irish neighbour’s backyard, Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whisky boasts with a composition of the purest water in Ireland, grain and barley, all prepared according to a recipe with a tradition of more than 180 years. Needless to mention that this whiskey develops a round and savoury taste, with sweet and malt notes and a moderate finish reminiscent of the oak barrels where it was aged.


Jack Daniels

At a considerable distance across the Atlantic, but sharing the same roots, we meet the American bourbon. And what better drink to enjoy than Jack Daniel’s? Born in the distillery with the same name, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee contains carefully selected natural ingredients – 80% corn, 12% rye and 8% malt. The water used is grease filtered through charcoal filters, invented and patented by the manufacturer. This technology offers the bourbon a specific and slightly smoked taste.

Canadian Club

A few degrees north latitude, the competition of the Canadians starts to be noticed on the map which starts to take shape. The whisky which founded the reputation of the Canadian Club is an emblem of Canadian whisky since 1858 and the bestselling blend of the brand. Canadian Club is aged longer than the three years required, it has a sweetened and delicate flavour, incorporating contrasting notes, such as spices and brown sugar with a sensual touch of rum.


The Pacific Ocean separates us this time from another country that makes its place on the map: Japan. Without declaring its age, Taketsuru Nikka Pure Malt is a blend of the Miyagikyo distillery whiskies, stored in different types of oak barrels. Some of them are matured in Sherry casks, which give this drink a full, rich and slightly spicy flavour.


And, finally, we make a final stop in the old India. Amrut Fusion is a whisky that goes through a distillation process in Scotland and India, thus shaping a unique fusion, as the name suggests, of international flavours. Its taste is an explosion of flavours that opens with smoked notes, melting in warm tones of custard and vanilla, fruit and even rich accents of chocolate.

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