Algarve, the southern Portugal paradise

And why it needs to be on your travel list

The trips to Portugal are already a trend – you surely must have a few friends who have already visited it and told what an absolutely superb a country it is. And we confirm this 100% J. And if, by chance, no one close told you must visit someone close that you need to visit, for certain you’ve seen lots of photos from Portugal on Facebook and Instagram: the kind of pics almost instantly convince you to buy a plane ticket. And you know what? It wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Lisbon and Porto are the most visited, maybe because it’s easier to get there. However, at nearly 300 kilometers in the South, you will discover the Algarve region. To be more accurate: a paradise with a Mediterranean climate. Although it’s nothing lower than Saint Tropez, fortunately, Algarve is still not so popular – and not so crowded. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find here sensational hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and wines, as you’ve never tasted before.

The strength of the region is the plethora of beaches strung on the edge of the Atlantic, most of them guarded by some cliffs that create an unforgettable landscape. Moreover, the weather is superb, with sunny days in almost every season: more specifically, 300 days per year. OK, it’s clear that you cannot sunbathe here in December, but you could have a great winter holiday.

Returning to the beaches of the Algarve, perhaps the most famous one is Praia da Marinha in Lagoa, but just as gorgeous are the Falesia in and Sao Rafael in Albufeira. If you’re passionate about surfing, go to Aljezur, or Praia da Amoreira, and enjoy the waves.

In addition to the luxury hotels and perfect beaches, you’ll find here delicious food and drinks. Of course, fish and seafood, but also tasty fruits and vegetables, thanks to the Mediterranean climate. As for the wines, you’ll get the taste immediately: in Portugal are cultivated over 300 species of wine. Visit a wine cellar, try out as many as you can and make sure you’ll have enough room in your luggage: you’ll return home with a bottle. Or two.

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