Accessible luxury: famous perfumes under 100 lei

Enchanting aromas, whose names haven’t faded away as time passed by

You’ve certainly heard of them. As they are the iconic fragrances launched by legendary brands, scents much loved and adored even years and years after their release. They have, basically, all the attributes of a successful product. And, fortunately, we can afford them: now, each of them has a price tag of under 100 lei.



Cool Water, Davidoff

You need some extra energy? Okay, but what usually helps you get that boost? Coffee? Vitamins? Try something else, for a change: Cool Water from Davidoff. It will give you confidence, strength and that fantastic appetite for life that you’re craving for. The secret lies in the mix of aquatic, citrus, fruity, and woody notes, but also in the floral accents. A complex composition. A fresh and lively perfume.


Amor Amor, Cacharel

What can be more beautiful than a perfume that pays homage to love? Amor Amor from Cacharel reminds you of the butterflies in your stomach, of passionate kisses, of those long embraces that almost leave you breathless. The key words: vanilla, blackcurrants, grapefruit and jasmine.

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5th Avenue NYC, Elizabeth Arden

An eau de parfum bearing the name of one the classiest boulevards in the world: 5th Avenue, New York. The fragrance with the same name initially entangles you with fresh apple, bergamot and peach notes. Then, easily, you’ll feel the peony, blackcurrants notes, magically interweaving with the vanilla and woody agreements.


CK One, Calvin Klein

One of the finest, most treasured scents ever signed by Calvin Klein, CK One is a citrusy scent that has now been in the spotlight since 1994. A unisex flavor, a combination of citrus, floral and woody accords: bergamot, lemon, mandarins, violets, but also cedar, amber and sandalwood notes.




Funny, Moschino

The key word is fun! Smile, enjoy, live your life to the fullest! That’s what the eau de toilette Funny from Moschino stands for – and that’s what you feel the first time you try it on. It’s a mix of red currants and bitter oranges, spiced up with pink pepper. Then, the jasmine, peony, violet and green tea notes, but also the cedar, musk and amber harmonies enhance all the fun.

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