A fresh complexion

In just a few minutes!

Welcome, summer! It’s time to say goodbye to the thick clothes, to the cold and windy days, and enjoy the beautiful bright days ahead of us. And this time, as usual, we reorganize our wardrobe and tidy our cosmetics cabinet. Almost without realizing it, we’re making changes in our care routine. And as usual, it all starts with the way we take care of our complexion. If in the cold days we choose to use hydrating, very nutritious formulas, we now want soft, refreshing products that get faster into the skin, and that provide great results. It doesn’t mean that the skin is less hydrated, but only that we need different formulas – lotions or gel formulas creams. And luckily, we have plenty to choose from.

The skin care products are more efficient from year to year. There is no universal formula: no perfect cream to work for any woman. Like so far, you have to try the care products, and see which one works best for your skin. But one thing is certain: no matter if you have a normal, mixed or oily skin, it needs hydration – and not only hydration. Even though we have escaped the wind and the cold, summer brings another enemy: the sun. As much as we love it, as much evil it can do to us. Cause the sun is the main culprit for aging the skin.

In this context, the summer care routine involves primarily hydration, but also SPF products. Try a gel cream for your eyes: it’s refreshing and helps to blur the dark circles and bags under the eyes. For your complexion, choose a hydrating lotion or a mild formula cream – it can also be a gel texture if you like the result. And finally, essential, apply a sunscreen face cream and/or a foundation that contains SPF. Yes, these steps are mandatory if you want to have a radiant, healthy skin. But it’s not hard at all, especially when you discover the creams and lotions you use with pleasure. You have below a few that I’ve tested myself, as well as my colleagues. Don’t you want to give them try, too?

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