A fragrance just as an invisible tattoo

Vanilla, Provence lavender + Angelina Jolie = the new Mon Guerlain perfume

When Angelina Jolie agrees to be the image of a new product, it’s a real guarantee that it’s worth trying. And when that product is signed Guerlain, well, there is no longer any doubt.

This time it’s about a tantalizing scented novelty, called Mon Guerlain. A name like a whisper that takes you way back in time, to the almost 200 years of experience and tradition in perfumery of the house of Guerlain.

Well, now that you’ve convinced yourself this is a special release, you must be wondering what magical notes contains this new fragrance. The key ingredient is vanilla. And it’s really no surprise, as vanilla is present in the great scented masterpieces of brand – Shalimar, Habit Rouge and Jicky.

The vanilla is exquisitely intermingled with Carla lavender notes, a species with unique olfactory properties, cultivated in Drome, Provence. Carla lavender adds just about the right touch of freshness to the feminine and sensual vanilla. And between these two ingredients, master perfumer Thierry Wasser put in the queen of flowers: sambac jasmine.

Moreover, for an extra touch of mystery, Mon Guerlain is enriched with Australian sandalwood. The bigger picture? A unique and precious combination, just like a jewel. A fragrance for all women who embrace everything life has to offer, who feel good in their own skin and, also, think about the people around and try to offer a helping hand.

But as we started with Angelina Jolie, we must return to her and her statement: she says that her invisible tattoo is her Mon Guerlain perfume. Furthermore, Angelina has a nostalgia towards the brand – she recounts how, as a child, her mother loved the Guerlain powder, scented with iris and violets.

So there couldn’t have been a better choice for the Mon Guerlain image. And if we still need another reason to admire Angelina, well, we have it: the actress donated her entire fee from her collaboration with Guerlain to a number of charitable foundations.

Last but not least, make sure to watch the film dedicated to this perfume, produced in Provence, a region loved by Angelina Jolie, but also the place where Carla lavender grows.

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