9 reasons you have to buy THIS suitcase

And we're damn serious: you're not gonna be sorry – just read point 6 below!

The suitcase you travel with is not really important until… well, exactly, until you’re going on a trip. Until then, by the way, you’re not really thinking about it. Maybe the old one doesn’t close anymore as it used to. Maybe it’s a little bit scratched, and you don’t really want to take it with you on a business trip. Or maybe it’s too small or too big. But all of these queries don’t matter too much when you’re at home, go to work: basically, you don’t need it. Yet when the departure day gets closer, you wonder why on earth didn’t you buy a new one.
OK, I have some good news for you. If you already bought your plane ticket, just order your favorite suitcase online from Flyjack. You’ll get it home, at your doorstep, and you’ll be happy, once again, with your choice. Why? Because the Flyjack luggage have:


  1. A modern design – I’m sure you’ve noticed and admired them at the airport.
  2. They are fairly priced – and by that I mean they’re not very expensive, although they look amazing.
  3. And, luckily, as they’re not very expensive, you can buy more, not just one. And I say this because each of us needs a larger checked luggage, as well as a suitable hand luggage. (I tried to put my clothes in a backpack, just because I wanted to leave with just a hand baggage, yet at the destination even my socks were wrinkled!
  4. Two collections are available at Flyjack: Palermo and Oxford. In the Palermo collection you’ll discover strong colors (yellow, orange), being more appropriate to those who have a more casual style. The Oxford collection is perfect also for your business travels – the design is more classic, and the colors more elegant: burgundy, silver, gray, black.
  5. And I’m saying something else about the colors: do you know how easy it is to track your luggage on the luggage belt, when it has a rare color? They’re pretty small chances that other passengers will have an identical model pattern.
  6. They’re super-resilient. They’re made from a material that resists the airport assaults. If you ever saw how your baggage is unloaded from the plane, then you know what I’m talking about.
  7. Four wheels. Four! Not two. Why is it important? Because you just have to hold it by the handle. You don’t drag it after you, like in case of a two-wheeled luggage. No, the effort is equal to none. You push it gently and that’s it!
  8. It has a TSA locking system – for example, when you go to the United States, this is mandatory. If your suitcase has no TSA locks, then you have to leave it open. (The TSA closing system allows authorities to unlock and lock back a luggage, when it is considered that it needs more thorough verification).
  9. It looks great. I know, I’ve told you this before, when we talked about design. But your new suitcase looks so amazing that it’ll make likeable waves on Instagram!
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