One scarf…

… and seven ways to wear it in your seaside summer holiday

When I think about scarves and the famous women who’ve worn them gracefully, the first name that comes to my mind is, of course… Grace Kelly. Moreover, she gave the name of one of the most elegant ways to wear a scarf, timeless and attractive even today: just cover your hair with it and then loosely wrap it up around your neck. Add a pair of sunglasses, and you already have a look worthy of the exquisite beaches of Monaco.

However, in addition to the unique and legendary style of Grace Kelly, there are lots of ways you can wear your favorite scarf on the beach:

  1. Braid it into your hair. It’s quick and easy – no tutorial needed. Let the ends of the scarf hang on, waving in the sea breeze.
  2. Choose a wide scarf and wrap it around your chest. Make a simple knot at the back and you’ve got yourself a cool, backless top.
  3. Wanna take a break from the sun and enjoy a cocktail at the beach bar? Your favorite scarf can act as a light, voluptuous skirt if you just wrap it around your waist.
  4. Tie the scarf to your the bag when you leave for dinner in a diaphanous dress. Later, when it’s chillier, just put it on your shoulders – and you can stay and enjoy a midnight walk all the way till sunrise.
  5. Wherever if you’re wearing a dress or top and trousers, a colorful scarf will look sensational on your waist, as a belt.
  6. Choose a square scarf and ask your lover to make a tie knot. Wear it as carelessly as you can, even over a plain white T-shirt.
  7. Fold a rectangular scarf with a floral print and clip it into your hair with a knot or a bow on the side. If you’re wearing a dress with ruffles, you’ve got yourself a genuine boho look, perfect for a romantic walk.

Have a great holiday!

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