7 things you didn’t know about niche perfumes

And that will convince you to test them

Larger or smaller, the niche perfumery brands are beginning to gain ground. It’s an upward industry, with new names and surprising creations. Below you have a few things you probably didn’t know about this niche, which fascinates increasingly more.

  1. Most niche perfumery brands have their own perfumer.
  2. Classical advertising is missing – these houses are based on their own reputation and not on the ads in magazines or on television.
  3. Niche fragrances are created for connoisseurs and, often, have unexpected flavors – love them or not, there is no middle way.
  4. Some houses launch a perfume that focuses around a single flavor, such as vanilla or rose.
  5. The niche perfumes bottles have a particular design. Often, the houses keep the design for more than one release, just changing the name of the new flavor.
  6. Niche perfumes use higher concentrations of fragrance and essential oils.
  7. Creativity and art, unrestrained by any other means, are at the core of the creation of these perfumes.
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