7 great tips for a delightful vacation with the children

So that the little ones, as well as you will enjoy it

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Vacations with the little ones can be tiring. Or not – they can be wonderful for all, just as well. That is, if you consider a few details – from the chosen hotel to the small things like what to pack in your luggage to entertain the kids. So, I’ve gathered from some of my colleagues, who have kids, a few tips that will surely be useful.


  1. How much time till you reach your destination

You know it already: the little ones get easily bored if the time on the road lasts long. So, whenever possible, choose direct flights. That means less stress for them (and for you, by the way). And if you really want to get to Asia with the kids, check out the flight schedule. If you have to stay six hours at the London or Doha airport to embark on your connecting flight… hmmm, maybe, at least, you can find an option with shorter stopovers.


  1. Choose a hotel…

… as close to where you’ll spend most of the time. If you dream of a seaside holiday, then it’s worth paying a little more for a hotel that is very close to the beach. Or even on the beach. Otherwise, imagine how you’re going to have to prepare your rented car every day: mount the kids’ chairs, make sure they didn’t forget anything in the room, and, no, you won’t even get to drink a mojito – you’re the designated driver! And even if you think that 15 minutes can be trekked on foot, well, 15 minutes means something else when out there’re 35 degrees, and you just have to turn around because your little girl forgot her favorite toy in the room.


  1. Breakfast

It has to be varied, tasty and included in the price of the hotel room. Why? Because you’re with the kids and you want to start your holiday mornings with as little worries as possible. That means not having to buy milk and cereal and bring them to your room, not striving to look for a place where omelets are served the way your kid likes. Basically, not to make any effort – just get out of your hotel room and let your little one choose what his heart desires.


  1. Do not forget to always have with you…

… containers for soap balloons. And classic balloons, which can be inflated. Why? Simple, because they are entertaining for the little ones. If they get bored in the hotel room, you can give them a balloon and they’ll play with it, without breaking anything or disturbing the neighbors. The soap balloons, for instance, will keep them occupied in a museum yard. Or anywhere else outdoors.


  1. And some biscuits

Or bagels. Or fruit. Something to nibble. So you won’t have to leave the beach, when the world is most dear to you, if your kid is hungry before lunch or dinnertime. Not to mention they’re going to, literally, save you during the flight – the little ones don’t really like the plane food. Neither do we, but we’ve gotten used to it.


  1. Playgrounds

Whatever the destination, go in those parks and playgrounds where the locals take their children to play. As the locals are the ones you can ask for tips about child-friendly restaurants, or other places they might like. The advice of parents who actually live there is, most of the time, better than anything you find on Google!


  1. Don’t plan too many activities in one day

When you didn’t have children, active vacations meant hours of walking and checking out as many possible sights in a day. Well, that’s not valid anymore. Don’t plan too many things in one day. It’s best if you pick one place, and, very important, leave in the morning when everyone is full of energy. And if, once you’re there, the kids aren’t tired and they feel like walking, turn to the next objective. If not, enjoy the beach!

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