5 wow make-up looks from Kristen Stewart

Or 5 perfect looks for any woman with green eyes. And not only

I’m following Kristen Stewart for a while now and I must say I like her a lot: she’s one of the few celebrities with a chameleonic look. She’s elegant, but also cool: today she’s wearing a long, evening dress, and tomorrow she goes for a fresh outfit – jeans and a T-shirt. And if most of the Hollywood stars are choosing classic make-up looks and hairstyles, Kristen just gets out of the crowd. Most often she highlights her eyes in ways I’d never even thought, but I ’d love to try.


Metallic silver

You’ve surely used, at least once, a silver, metallic eye shadow. So did I, but honestly I never fancied with the idea of trying a futuristic make-up, with precise contours. The tone of the eye shadow is emphasized by black khol, applied both on the upper and lower lids. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with discretion – but it looks so good! For a similar make-up, choose the silver eye shadow from the Lacome Magic Voyage Set or a Shiseido creamy eye shadow.


Burgundy shadows

I wore burgundy on the lips and nails, but quite rarely on the eyes. And when I chose an eye shadow in this tint, I usually settled with a thin outline. Until I saw this photograph, in which the actress’s green eyes are emphasized by the generously applied burgundy eye shadow. I also love the slightly dimmed outline, which adds a bit of mystery. For this kind of make-up, my favourites are the shades of burgundy from Estee Lauder and Lancome palettes. 


Colored pencils

Navy, and again burgundy – a combination of colors that I simply adore. I often wear it, during the cold season: but here I mean clothing, not make-up. No, I never thought to use these two colors for my make-up. But isn’t it fabulous? And also it’s so simple to achieve: you only need two eyeliners. Choose the ones from Estee Lauder and Lancome.


Deep blue

Blue make-up and green eyes? A while ago, I would have said loud and clear, without hesitation: never. But the saying never say never applies here as well. It’s enough to see Kristen Stewart’s photograph to make you wanna try it. What to use? The Eyeliner Shocking from Yves Saint Laurent.


Pink. A lot of pink

Choose your favourite shade of pink – but, please, don’t think at the most dutiful. On the contrary: a brave, strong, vivid pink. And, this time, set no boundaries and go all the way: apply it on the eyelids and cheeks, even towards the temples. You’ll get a bold, out of the box, and very modern look. Try the pink eye shadow palette from Clinique – you’ll surely like it.

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