5 best tips to remove make-up easily

A very good make-up remover is as important as the make-up itself

I use a make-up remover every morning, just after brushing my teeth. It became an automatic gesture, which I perform daily, before having my coffee. And absolutely similar with my evening ritual, after a busy day at the office: I wash my hands and, again, I take off my make-up. I got so used to this routine that I don’t think about it anymore. I simply do it. Not because I have to (by the way, I don’t like rules; if only I could, I would break them all), but for the simple reason that I enjoy it. It’s natural – and when it comes to beauty, that’s the most useful and valuable secrets of it all: to love the cosmetics you’re using. That being said, down below I’ve got some more treasured tips. Just as helpful 



If I wear make-up, I use a special biphasic eye make-up remover. Highly recommended for wiping off waterproof cosmetics. Even if I rarely use waterproof mascara, I can not part from my beloved biphasic make-up remover. The reason is quite obvious: the mascara, the eye shadow and the kohl pencil vanish in no time. No need to insist on the eyes, the most sensitive area, as any traces of mascara will be gone. Just like in the TV commercials, if you want. Only that, in this case, I don’t exaggerate at all. My all time favourite is Take it Away from Estee Lauder.


I was skeptical when first sonic cleansing brushes were launched. I kept telling they were too much, that they irritate the sensitive skin. Bottom lime, that it’s an aggressive method. And then, finally, I tested the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush from Clinique. It made all the difference in the world. My first revelations: it cleans my face sooo much better. My method: applying the cleansing milk directly on the brush and, in just a minute, any trace of make-up is gone. But the best part, the one that I enjoy the most, is the freshness and brightness of my complexion.




Quite recently I’ve discovered the Immortelle Make-up Remover Milk from L’Occitane: delicate, with a discreet perfume and a fine texture. Still, there are mornings when I don’t use any face cream or serum immediately after my make-up remover (I enjoy drinking my coffee in between). Even so, my skin is still moisturized, without even the vague sensation of discomfort.


After the magic combo of cleansing milk and sonic brush, I cheer up with the Biotherm Biosource Tonic Lotion. It has that chilling effect for an instant sensation freshness and joy.




Sometimes I need a change. To be more exact: if I used a rich moisturizing face night the night before or if simply I’m not in the mood for my regular cleansing milk, I turn to Lancome Doucer Express Cleansing Micellair Water. Well, it’s time to be honest all the way: I use it also when I’m on the run and I plan to skip the tonic lotion. But this our secret, so let’s keep it between us.

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