5 things to do in Venice

Relax in a gondola ride and try to eat just one gelato a day

Venice is especially known for the famous carnival that takes place every year in Piazza San Marco. Almost anyone has heard about it or saw amazing photos from this grandiose event. But the good news is that the city has a special charm, which enchants any tourist, regardless of the season. It’s the place to go when you are in love and all you want is a romantic trip with your sweetheart, but also one you can enjoy alongside your friends or even discover by yourself – when you want to charge your batteries with the energy that this magic town gives you.


Start with Piazza San Marco

Indeed, this is the starting point for any adventure in Venice. You absolutely must see St. Mark’s Basilica, the Ducal Palace and the Clock Tower – the main attractions of the city. Then walk up the narrow, winding streets, sprinkled with small local shops and designer boutiques. And don’t get surprised, well, that many streets end in… water.


Enjoy a gondola ride

It’s only you are in Venice, right? You simply can’t miss the unique experience to see the city from the gondola. You can choose from a variety of itineraries and tours, usually lasting 30 minutes. Ah, there’s one more dilemma: to see Venice from the gondola by day or by night? Fortunately, the city is gorgeous all around the clock.


Admire the panorama

Do you know which is the place in Venice from where you’ll take your most memorable and stunning photos? Work your way up the tallest building in the city. It’s called Campanille and has almost 99 meters high. The view is breathtaking: from there you can see the Lido and, if it’s a sunny day, you’ll be able to admire the whole lagoon.


Try the local drinks

Order an ombra and a spritz. Ombra is a small glass of white or red wine, which should be drunk down in one gulp. And the spritz is usually a mixture of white wine, Campari (or Aperol) and some mineral water. Oh, and do not forget prosecco. Enjoy them in chic bars on the edge of the water.


Enjoy the Italian cuisine

As in any corner of Italy, the food here is delicious. Antipasti, fresh fish or seafood, that you probably may never have tasted elsewhere. And, for dessert, you just have to go for a gelato. At Boutique del Gelato you’ve got some waiting to do. It’s to be expected, as people are, literally, queuing up to be served the place’s delish gelato, so you’ll have to sit in patiently in the row. But that’s a good sign: it is said that’s the spot to find the best gelato in the whole of Venice. Enjoy it and let us know how many did you have – you simply can’t stop at one!

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