5 things to do and see in gorgeous Valencia

From the city of Arts and Sciences up to places that are perfect for the beach

With an exceptional architectural mix, with old buildings and a new futuristic area, Valencia captures anyone. Because here you’ll find the most superb parks, you can go to the beach, and then taste some perfect paella at those cozy traditional restaurants. Oh, and let’s not forget the weather which is splendid almost all year round.


The City of Arts and Sciences

If you are for the first time in Valencia, you must see this place with futuristic area, built by two visionary Spanish architects. The area is divided into six districts. In addition to the truly peculiar architecture, you can enjoy here a 3D cinema, museums, exhibitions, the theatre, the Opera, and so much more. Go to the Oceanographic: you’ll see dolphins, sharks and lots of fishes that swim through the largest glass tunnel in Europe.


The Cathedral of Valencia

It is said that here is kept the Holy Grail, the cup from which Jesus drank at The Last Supper, but around this topic there’s so much controversy, as many places in the world are claiming to be in possession of the famous cup. Whether it’s true or not, the Cathedral of Valencia deserves a visit: it’s a mix of Romantic, Gothic and Baroque influences. Climb up top, to the Tower, and admire the panorama of the city.


The Central Market

If you want to know the traditions of any country, go to the markets: there you will find out more about local people and their habits. In Valencia, the best known is the Central Market, located in a modern building. The market is divided into two areas: a meat, fish and seafood zone, and one dedicated to fruits. You won’t be able to resist buying at least a few delicacies.


Barrio del Carmen

In the northern part of the old city you’ll discover a sublime bohemian neighbourhood, with hip boutiques, bars, restaurants and night clubs. If you want to spend an evening out, then you need to get here. Walk on Calle de Caballeros, which starts at the Plaza de la Virgen: it’s the street that abounds in places perfect for fun and entertainment. The Spanish really know how to party – we bet that you’ll linger until dawn.


The beaches

A perfect holiday is one that combines the beauty of the city with some relaxation on the beach. Valencia has many beaches – some still quite, undeveloped and yet with fine sand – where you can sunbathe in total serenity. The most popular though are The Malvarrosa, in the port area, Playa, Playa las Arenas or Playa Cabanyal or Playa Patacona.

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