5 steps in the grooming routine that you often forget about

And why it would it be a good idea to recall them

The alarm clock goes off and you switch to autopilot: shower, shave, after- shave… You pick up one of the many blue shirts suitable for office; put on an already knotted tie (no time to waste) and you’re ready for a new day. But could it be that there’s something that you’re missing? Because in every man’s care routine there should be several other steps, which most of you skip or, simply, neglect. More specifically…


Pick a shampoo that suits you

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that you’re not washing your hair as often as you should. On the contrary. Most men usually wash their hair daily, under the shower – and it’s the best way to tame a rebel hair. You wash it, arrange it a little bit with your fingers and let it dry. Just that washing your hair every morning doesn’t help: the scalp, naturally, produces oils that a shampoo eliminates. Therefore, if you wash your hair on a daily basis, you may have problems with your scalp, as dandruff will make its annoying appearance. And no, you don’t want that. Choose a deep clean shampoo and try to wash your hair only twice a week.


Don’t forget about the hydrating cream

It’s time to stop stealing from your girlfriend’s cream and buy your own moisturizing cream specially designed for men. And not just to buy it, but to use it. Daily. Morning and evening. No, don’t roll your eyes: it’s a simple gesture, which takes only a minute. And it makes a big deal: after all, you wanna look younger, don’t you? J


Nor the scrub

Ah, that already sounds complicated. But, if you know what it is, it will no longer seem so snobbish. You wash your face every day, right? OK, then, nothing simpler. You’ll wash just as before, except that you will add a bit of face scrub. More specifically, a product with fine particles, which gets rid of any dead cells and refreshes the skin. I promised it would be simple.


Fix your beard

We know that bearded men conquer many hearts – but this means a neat look. Besides the fact that you must frequently trim your beard, at every few weeks (at least), it should be also a little tamed. And the easiest way to achieve it is with a few drops of oil. OK, here I’ll let you steal something from your sweetheart: the Moroccan Oil, an argan oil based product that works wonders. It can also be used to moisturize the hair (for sure that’s why she bought it!)


Take care of your hands

Ask your lady friends if you don’t believe us: women pay a lot of attention at the hands of a man. We don’t know why, but it simply happens. So take care of your hands. I know, I’m going to say the word cream again, but I really have to. And forget about prejudice: the new hand creams are immediately absorbed into the skin. You will not have that unpleasant sticky hands sensation and nope, there’ll be no trace of cream steering wheel of your precious car – that if you know how to choose it: our recommendation is the almond cream from L’Occitane. Keep it on the nightstand, and, best, use it before you fall asleep. It’s just a minute of your valuable time, but we promise you that you will feel the difference straightaway.

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