Refreshing cocktails

What is the best way to relax in a summer evening? Undoubtedly, with a refreshing cocktail prepared in just five minutes


Watermelon and tequila

It’s the season of watermelons and we sure do love them. So why not use them for delicious a cocktail? Well, here we go, we have a very simple recipe just for you: cut some small cubes of red watermelon, remove all the seeds and put the pieces in a blender. Strain the juice, then add silver tequila, sugar syrup, mint and a few ice cubes.


Smoothie with raspberry and mint

It’s delicious and can easily replace your desert. All you need is a blender where to generously add raspberry. Add a banana, afterwards, a few leaves of mint and fresh orange juice. Push the button and that’s it! Best served with ice – but you really don’t need it if you are using frozen raspberries.


Strawberry mojito 

Mix in a shaker a few whole strawberries, lemon juice, sugar syrup, ice, mint and a little bit of rum. Or more 🙂 – depending on how strong you wish your drink to be. Mix and… enjoy it in one night with a full moon.


Blueberry lemonade with mint

Doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it’s suitable for any time of the day. And you surely don’t need too much time to prepare it. It’s simple: add in a glass a handful of blueberries and some of mint. Crush them a bit, then add water, lemon juice and sugar, then stir it all until the sugar is dissolved. Served with ice.


Raspberry and gin

Put some raspberry fruit in a glass, add sugar syrup, lime juice and gin, after your liking, depending on how tough you want your drink. Add mineral water and adorn it all with slices of lemon and more raspberries. Isn’t that just delightful?

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