5 reasons you should own a Furla bag

And never feel guilty about it

Quick and straight question: does it ever happen to you to experience that remorse feeling after shopping? I confess, I’m guilty as charged. But that feeling quickly vanishes. And never ever when shopping at Furla’s. Why? Just find out below.

A history of making bags a.k.a They’re doing it right

It’s almost a century now since Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto founded Furla in the sophisticated and sunny city of Bologna. The story began in 1927 with some spellbinding Italian bags that women would just obsess about. The first store was opened in 1955 in Bologna, while the first logos embossed were launched 20 years later, back in the 1970’s. 100 years of craftsmanship and artisanal expertise, well, that sounds like the right place you wanna buy your bag from.

Made in Italy a.k.a That bag is gonna last, baby

Italy is famous not only for pizza, pasta or its traditional il dolce far niente. Italy is also renowned for the excellent leather used in crafting long-lasting shoes, jackets, wallets or bags. Furla uses only the finest leather, which goes through a special tanning process, to be then assembled with the outmost care to details. In the end, the ultimate luxury is looking at your bag and finding it has absolutely no flaws.

Contemporary elegance a.k.a They’re old but not old-school

Furla has it all: the history, the heritage, the craftsmanship. At first sight, Furla may look like a brand that my grandma would definitely fall for. Fortunately it’s not. Not even close. Furla managed to keep its timeless elegance over the years, while always reinventing itself and coming up with leading-edge styles, staggering patterns and statement details, sometimes inspired by the contemporary art world. The Furla bags created for the independent, confident and sexy woman of today.

Iconic bags a.k.a Your bag is gonna be cool forever

There are a lot of Furla bags that have passed the test of time. Bags you can wear years after buying them and still have that “I think I saw this bag on the spring runway show” feeling. Most popular: Piper and Metropolis. Piper is the classy top-handle you wanna take to work, while Metropolis is the teeny tiny leather jewelry that completely recasts your outfit. It looks dashing, its new patterns are gorgeous, and the mini bags are the latest accessory trend. So, what are you waiting for?

Supporting young artists a.k.a Giving something back

In 2008, Furla established a Foundation that supports young Italian artists. One of the main events is the Furla Art Award that prizes and promotes young contemporary artists. Quite an admirable example that showcases Furla’s fondness for art in its every form.

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