5 matching perfumes

What fragrance do you wear, and what does he, when you go out together? Yeap, it’s all about fragrance coordination

You don’t need a special reason to pick an aroma that will match your lover’s. But, still, it’s nice when you’re doing it – it shows the bond between you two, it’s like a proof of love, a secret that only the two of you know, a perfume connects you, just like the memory of your song. And, if you are looking for a gift idea for your anniversary, you can choose two matching perfumes. You will find five suggestions below.


Calvin Klein Eternity Now

The name itself is a declaration of love. No need for words. Eternity Now for her contains peony, peach, quince sorbet, all mixed with woody notes. The perfume for him is slightly spicier – with ginger, coconut nectar, tonka beans, vanilla and precious wood.


Dolce&Gabbana The One

The two The One fragrances are the right choice for a couple who loves both the fruity-floral aromas as well as the spicy ones. The perfume for her surprises you with a delicious cocktail of fruits and flowers: peach, mandarin, bergamot, plum, alongside with jasmine, lily and lily of the valley. The scent for him is spicy-oriental, with cedar, tobacco, amber, sweet basil, ginger and orange flower.


Versace Eros

Eros talks about love and seduction. The name of these two fragrances is inspired from the ancient Greek mythology, where Eros was the god of love. Eros Pour Femme tempts you with notes of bergamot, lemon, pomegranate, jasmine, but also musky and sandalwood aromas. The one for him – a fragrance for a seducing man – combines notes of vetiver, cedar, geranium, vanilla with tonka beans, lemon, green apple and mint.


Burberry Brit

Brit sublimely captures the classic British humor and wit: in both perfumes are found classical notes as well as some surprising ones for an unexpected combination. The fragrance for her contains vanilla, tonka beans, mahogany, amber, but also peony, pear, lime or caramelised almonds. Brit for him has a dominant rose flavor that magically mingles with the cedar, musk, tonka beans, ginger, nutmeg or bergamot notes.


Tom Ford Noir

The flavors created by Tom Ford are a symbol of absolute elegance. The feminine scent is ideal for a passionate woman – it’s an oriental-floral fragrance, which contains vanilla, amber, rose, jasmine, bergamot and bitter orange. In the masculine counterpart, our senses are delighted by vanilla, vetiver, leather, amber, bergamot, pink pepper and violet. A fantastic mix for a sensational couple.

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