The most delicious party cocktails

Let’s raise our glasses with the best drinks!

Champagne is a must at parties – it’s already a long tradition… However, when you want to impress your guests, prepare a cocktail that they won’t easily forget. Our suggestions are below.


French 75

It’s a refreshing cocktail, but here’s a little trick: replace the classic gin with a flavored cognac and you’ll get a more suitable drink for the cold season. You need 30 ml of cognac, 15 ml of lemon juice, 15 ml of sweet syrup and Prosecco. First mix the cognac, the lemon juice and the syrup with crushed ice. Then fill the champagne glass with Prosecco and decorate it with a slice of lemon.



Start from the recipe of a negroni, but replace the gin with rye whiskey. It’s an ideal drink for autumn and winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it all year round. You need 45 ml of whiskey, 20 ml of Campari and 20 ml of sweet vermouth. Mix them all with ice, then pour the drink into a champagne cup and ornate it with a slice of orange.


Black velvet

How about having beer in a champagne glass? Or better: to mix the beer with champagne? It’s awesome – trust us! Fill half of the glass with Guinness dark beer, and the other half with champagne. Pour it carefully, not to get spilled, and savor it with best friends!


After 8

Yes, it’s a cocktail with a mint aroma, you already know it, as the name itself reminds you of the chocolate tablets and mint. And it’s easy to prepare: you need 20 ml of vodka, 40 ml of Irish Cream and 20 ml of mint liquor. You’ll also need ice, and here you go: put all the ingredients in a shaker and pour the content into the glasses.


The champagne cocktail

The traditional champagne glass can contain something special: a simple cocktail, which obviously contains, champagne, and a dash of Angostura bitter. And one ice cube – this may be optional, especially since you have kept the champagne cold. Top it with a lemon slice, and start the party!

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