5 apps you need while traveling

Even if you're still the kind that leaves home with a map

Do you remember how you used to go on holiday 10 years ago? Necessarily with a map – if you didn’t already have it, you would, immediately, buy it at the destination. And, let’s not forget the travel guide that you used to carry in your backpack. OK, but we’re in 2018 and all these (and even more) are now available on your phone. Of course, if you know what applications to download. And no, I don’t mean Google Maps or TripAdvisor, I’m sure you already have them installed :).



Your personal guide

It’s called Detour and is an audio guide available for 19 cities in the world. While you walk the streets, you find out more about the place you are – and that, from the people that know the city best. Famous artists or architects tell you about the marvels you shouldn’t miss.


Enjoy your meal!

Did it happen to you to wander the streets until you to suddenly get hungry, and you have no idea where to eat? Well, OpenTable is of great help: it searches for the closest restaurants and, moreover, it instantly makes you a reservation! You also have access to the menu, reviews, and photos. The application has a database of over 43,000 restaurants in the world!





You’re wandering for some good hours and get amazed by everything new you discover! Only that, at some point, you realize that you’ve reached into some kinda’ of shady places… I mean, not too secure. OK, you know that you need to return to safety – and now is the moment when you should turn to BSafe: an app that allows your friends to track your route and that let’s them know you’ve safely arrived to your destination.


From A to B

To reach your desired location, you can take the bus, the train, the tram… What’s the most convenient, easiest route? And what’s the least expensive one? Well, Rome2rio tells you all about it, as it’s an app that helps you discover which is the best means of transportation in no fewer than 158 countries in the world.




A little reading

The idea of travelling light doesn’t really match with the tons of books that you’d like to take with you and read them in a long and relaxing vacation. But, fortunately, now you have Goodreads: you save your favorite books without having to worry about the extra weight luggage. What’s more, the application allows you to jot down the recommended titles or the ones you discover along the way.

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