5 Rituals products you must have

And that will bring your daily dose of joy

What are the most pleasing moments in an ordinary day? Whether it’s a relaxing bath after a long day or maybe the scent especially created for your home, all these little things bring you sheer moments of happiness. And the Rituals brand – exclusive in Romania at BestValue – brings you all the right products to savor every day.


The Balancing Ritual Set

Discover and treat yourself with the Ayurveda ritual right at home. This set, which may be also a perfect choice for a gift, contains four body care products: the Yogi Delight shower gel, the Yogi Flow shower foam, the Honey Touch body cream and the Himalaya scrub. All are packaged in an exquisite box, tied with a ribbon to match.


The Sakura foaming shower gel

One of Rituals’ the best-sold products, this foaming shower gel will literally lighten your mornings. You’ll adore his delicate spring like scent of cherry blossoms, while the organic rice milk will moisturize your skin. In contact with water, the shower gel will turn into a fine and nutritious foam.


The Honey Touch hydrating cream

It contains an ayurvedic blend that combines the Himalayan honey with the Indian rose. And in addition to its exotic scent, this body cream has a rich texture that leaves the skin smooth, velvety and perfectly hydrated. What should you do after you apply the cream? Just relax.


The Samurai Magic Shave shaving cream

Hope you didn’t think that the Rituals line has only products destined for women. Besides the bathroom ones, which, most of the times have unisex aromas, the Rituals line comes with some amazing products especially designed for men. The Samurai Magic Shave cream is just one of them. It’s enriched with basil and ginger, and is perfect for those whose skin is irritated after shaving as it hydrates and soothes the skin.


Laughing Buddha body set

A superb, colored box, tied with a ribbon that will bring you joy or to the one that you will receive it as a gift. Inside you’ll find four body care products: the Fortune oil, the Touch of Happiness moisturizing cream, the Happy Buddha shower foam and the Good Luck scrub. Each of them, a pure delight!


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